Noted: Media & Geekery

NewsBluntly: A new Knight Commission study says 32% of HS students feel that the media has too much freedom. And more nuggets on how awareness of the First Amendment is eroding.
JD Lasica: The San Jose Merc’s get a good package on podcasting.
Steve Rubel: PR client Weatherbug‘s gonna be blogging for Groundhog Day–that means 30 days of posts! Of course, all I can think about is the Bill Murray movie.
Terry Heaton: Greensboro paper is brilliant to blog letters to the editor. The News-Record sez: “We’re adding this feature for two reasons. First, the blog format will enable readers to discuss and comment on each individual letter. Second, it will enable bloggers and other online writers to link directly to an individual letter, rather than just to a Web page containing multiple letters.
Tom Foremski: “…blogging is the most honest form of self-promotion out there bar none.”
United We Blog: Nepalese bloggers.
Personal: Birmingham News story on 90 year old singer Claude Jeter and the American Gospel Quartet Convention in Birmingham-Spencer travelled from California to take Jeter down to this event from NY.