Russell Beattie groks the remix

Beattie realizes the mash-up nature of aggregators and that packaging is king:
“What happens when all the niches have been filled? And what happens when we’re all using our aggregators for most of our online reading?

Then I started to think about the coming advertisements we’re going to see in RSS feeds. There’s already some sites out there doing it, and I assume it’ll become more common soon.
What’s happening is that online content is becoming a series of single serving content bits, sent around and filtered in a variety of ways. It’s the same way that online music stores like iTunes have pushed singles back to the forefront again. ”

Susan sez: Yep, and to the content delivery systems go the spoils, aka the ad and premium content revenue–and the bloggers will just get the wobbly bits–unless some of these let’s start an ad agency and help people make money efforts folks talk about start to kick in.

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