Selling (blog) ad placements on eBay

Some Russ guy with no last name is pushing the eBay platform with an offer to give a banner ad on this blog to the highest bigger–the winner will get an ad in a banner position–120 x 90–top right for a month.
(I notice the bidders so far seem to be the same crew who bid on the PeopleSoft team.)
Russell says: “Advertising on blogs is going to be the next big thing, in my opinion. It offers very tight targeting, no wastage and offers the same accountability that has resulted in online advertising growing like crazy in the last few years.”
And he wants to go into biz making this happen!
Note: For 5 minutes, I thought this was Russ Beattie–it’s not–I apologize for the confusion.
Oh, it’s Russell Buckley (thanks, SmartMobs)