Things we left behind

Thursday is garbage day in Naglee Park, and over the past few weeks, I’ve been going through file cabinets and old boxes, throwing out paper that is now less than meaningful (as in why would I ever want to keep this PowerPoint preso any longer?)
Today, I got to the two big boxes stacked under the desk in my office.
I pulled them out, thinking about all the old files I could toss away, but the boxes didn’t hold papers–they were filled with knickknacks and memorabilia from the office at my last corporate job(meaning the last job where I worked for a big company).
Photos, plaques, awards, snowglobes, snapshots, figurines–the two boxes were crammed full of stuff I hadn’t looked at in over two years. I remembered packing all this stuff up, imagining I’d want it displayed in another office some day, and I was amazed at how little I cared now for any of it.
And then it hit me–what had changed.
At my last job, I was basically middle management in a huge company.
Having all this stuff in my office was a way to state who I was–to people I feared didn’t really care (some of them did and some of them didn’t).
I have a home office now, and I don’t need all this stuff around to tell other people who I am–and in fact, I no longer see myself the way I did when I worked for Big Company X–I don’t need all that stuff anymore to remind myself who I am. And I am somebody really different from when I had that job.
(So now I have two boxes of crap, the workplace equivalent of years of old report cards, and I have to figure out how much to toss–part of me thinks I should keep some things, another part of me wants to toss everything.)
Story to be continued.