Traveler’s aid

So, you’ re on the road a lot? Michael Nielsen‘s got advice for frequent travelers that inspired me to write down some of my own travel tips:

  • Head to the airport early enough to ask for an exit-row aisle–they don’t release them until day of flight
  • If you’re changing planes, check your carry-on–waiting to pick it up is less exhausting than dragging it across two terminals to catch an about to depart plane
  • Bring water, no matter what
  • Bring fruit or a snack if the flight is more than 4 hours long–never know what you’ll get when you land
  • Work out how you’ll get to your destination before you take off–bus, train, taxi, etc. Shuttle vans are cheaper than taxis, but often slower than buses
  • Always pack a raincoat or umbrella–if you don’t, it will rain
  • Keep your cell phone charger with you
  • Starbucks has great WiFi even if you hate their coffee and what they stand for

(Nielsen via Mark Bernstein)