A different view: Ain’t always the new thing that’s the best

Had dinner tonight with my old friend Peter, who started a dot com with me some years ago, ran a couple crazy startups and now is in the agency/marketing/direct mail biz.
I said I have these business ideas that are 6-10 months ahead of the curve and I never do them because they are too early, and then similar ideas become big–for somebody else.
He said “Want to hear my philosophy of life about this?”
I said “Of course.”
And then Peter said, ” You know, after I did all these crazy new start-ups, I decided I wasn’t going to do anything anymore that was totally new. Instead, I was going to find things that people were already doing and just do them so much better.”
He said “You know, GM has already been making cars for 25 years when Toyota came along.”
Peter’s an ad guy now, and smart, and you know what?
He’s got a good point.