“Addicted to flickr”

Jason Tester’s got a big jones for flickr and here’s what he has to say: “In the past week I’ve lost a fair bit of sleep to the year-old Web photo community Flickr, going from about 4 photos to almost 800 in just a few days. I’m not entirely what prompted my change of heart, since I always claimed that I could get into carrying a camera and taking photos but the photo-sharing and -tagging genes were just not in me. Regardless of what got me started with Flickr, I’ve been going non-stop. During the times I’ve come up for air from uploading, tagging, and exploring I’ve made some observations about the service and the interactions it facilitates.”
Jason goes on to describe the fun of tagging and commenting on photos and the sense of community–and fun–it creates–but doesn’t tell us his flickr ID.
Seeing his photos would have been cool.