Bloglines/Jeeves: The scoop on the acquisition

“We starting thinking about acquiring Bloglines because everyone in the company was using it, like 25 times a day,” says Jim Lanzone, SVP of Search Properties at Ask Jeeves, the Oakland-based search company that’s acquiring the blog newsreader/aggregator/directory company for an undisclosed sum. “It’s entirely possible we won’t roll out a revenue model right away, just let Bloglines complement the other features and services we have.”
Nice compliment, but there’s no question Ask Jeeves acquired Bloglines for both the database and the advertising possibilities.
–Not only does BL have 283 million indexed articles going back to 2003 indexed in their archive, they have a structured directory and database that–as Mark Fletcher points out–will integrate very nicely with the Teoma engine–and maybe support the development of some new products.
(And all that data could work really well for targeted advertising as companies like Tacoda and Revenue Science broaden their platform to provide support for blogging, structured data, and RSS and make deals with these guys.)
And if they are really smart about, Jeeves might get to be a leader in the targeted delivery of advertising within packaged RSS feeds–an exciting–and emerging–space.
Starting Tuesday, BL founder Mark Fletcher becomes an Ask Jeeves VP (and GM for his original business) and his team of 5 or so joins the Asksters at their Los Gatos satellite offices.
The product, the interface and the user value will remain the same, but suddenly, don’t the possibilities for BL seem slightly more limitless?
…And doesn’t the valuations of the other aggregators suddenly seem higher?
Update: Founder Mark Fletcher’s post here (Thanks, Tom)