Cheap Tickets pulled ads on Gridskipper; Gawker shrugged

It’s NYC. You’re an up and comer with alot of moxie (ironic,of course) and you get a chance to helm your very own Gawker Media site.
This is as big a break as getting accepted to grad school at Wharton, maybe bigger, and even your parents have to be thrilled.
But merely days after your new site launches–with lots of media attention, of course, the one big advertiser pulls out. The money she’s gone, nada, zip.
What happens then?
Does big boss scream or hand you back your job?
Well, if you’re Gridskipper editor Andrew Krukoff and GawkerMedia head Nick Denton, the correct answer is you tough it out.
“We’d rather lose the occasional advertiser than the character that attracts the audience in the first place. If an advertiser wants a safe environment, there are thousands of tired media outlets to choose from,”Denton told PRWeek, proving, once again, that experience matters and cojones count.
And guess what? They got another travel advertiser.

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