Elise Bauer: Analyzing market share for web tools

Consultant and food blogger Elise Bauer‘s got an analysis of blogging tools going that considers the degree to which Google spiders pages associated with certain weblog tools, with an eye to establishing market share for each tool. Elise’s list follows(detailed analysis at her site):

Two points that caught my attention:

  • Typepad continues to be an anomaly. Trailing only Blogger in both share and growth, Typepad – a fee-based service – is gaining share in a field of free services.”
  • “The data for the services – Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad, Xanga, Blogdrive, AOL Journals, MSN Spaces, etc. – is cleaner than the data for the GPL and standalone apps. Why? Because all pages on these services “contain the URL” for the service, the key driving metric for these services. (snip) The other standalone tools rely on their users putting a link-back to them, which would get picked up by Google, but there is no requirement to do so. The data is messy for these tools.”

Note: This was picked up by others earlier– index of posts here.