Emerging Tech: Grokking Seth Goldstein, Majestic Research

One of the more provocative talks at Emerging Tech was by Seth Goldstein, long-time NY digital media guy and chairman of Majestic Research, a new research firm that focuses exploring corporate performance for analysis in the Internet, Auto Retail, Ecommerce, Video Games, Homebuilders, Casinos, and Health Care sectors, among others.
Some points from his talk:

  • Did you notice that while Yahoo owns about 32% of the US Search market, putting them just narrowly behind Google’s 38% ( ComScore data), abroad the margins are much wider, with Yahoo at 32% and Google at 52%?
  • How about the idea Google’s searchers get recruited by eBay‘s million-plus adwords program to go shopping on eBay?
  • In the advertising space consumers now pay algorithms with their attention marketers rely on internet media arbitrageurs to provide liquidity, enhance efficiency, and push advertisers out of the market

Seth also mentioned some new (ad/revenue-related) companies to watch

And raised questions about whether keyword price inflation would kill the business(nope), where brand advertising fit as keywords continued to rule, how ads would make their way into RSS (and not piss off consumers), and so on.
It was a great talk about one of my favorite topics–where the money is going as the platforms evolve.
Oh, and Seth’s blog is here.