Emerging Tech notes: Coming later

Nuggets to share from Emerging Tech, posting when conference ends this afternoon. A couple of stray thoughts from a marvelous dinner and preso at Yahoo last night:

  • Yahoo gets the long tail, absolutely.
  • Yahoo has the capability to turn into an infrastructure platform for blogging and micropayments of ad revenue and shopping, courtesy of work done by the My team and Overture. Do they want to become the Amazon of the blogosphere? They should, but they (understandably) ain’t sayin’.
  • Yahoo’s potential to own a huge piece of the blogosphere via distribution, tool sets and content acquisition did not go unnoticed by media companies in the room—just the perception they can dominate could possibly spur progress by online newspapers (I hope.)
  • Grassroots media folk and search companies present at the event took notice as well.

Update: SFist Jackson West has a long point on the night. And a different perspective.