Erik Benson: Managing presence with Bloglines

Erik Benson’s writing about using Bloglines to manage his online presence.
What does this mean?
Erik consolidated his personal feeds into one Bloglines folder, built a quick Ruby On Rails script to pull in entries from that server, in chronological order into a local database, and displays them here.
He says “What I get back from Bloglines is beautiful content that looks the same no matter which site I originally posted it on. Since everything goes through this filter, there’s really no need to have access to the database of content directly. I therefore decided to move all of them off my server and to make Bloglines the mesh net through which I collect all content.”
Richard MacManus of course saw this right away and commented: “I find it interesting (in a nerdy way) how you’ve gone from roll-yer-own software to MT to Typepad. I replaced my linkblog with delicious early Jan and did other Web 2.0-ish things, but you’ve raised the bar.”
Ms. Geek says this is amazingly cool.
And wishes Erik’s Blogline’s sub list was public.