Jarvis & Keller: The Penpal Diaries

Demonstrating that highly intelligent grown men of the writerly persuasion can never resist a chance to impress one another with witty writing and nit-picking minutae (also known as micro-content) blogger/ czar Jeff Jarvis and NYT exec editor Bill Keller are on round three of their email exchange.
A couple more rounds and these two will decide to write a book together, no doubt.
Meanwhile, the closing exchanges have warmed up.
Keller has progressed from “I hope you will accept this in the same constructive spirit as your open letter. And if not, I hope you will have countless hours of fun fly-specking it for evidence of bad attitude and hidden agendas.
Best regards, Bill Keller” to
“Obviously if I thought blogs should be disdained or dismissed, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But I gotta go. Best, Bill ”
and Jarvis has moved from “So how about it, Mr. Keller? We’ll bring the bagels, you bring the sandwiches” to
“Finally, various commenters have pointed out that you would make a great blogger. They’re right. In fact, because you are writing these emails with full expectation that I’m going to post them, I could argue that you are blogging. Welcome to the club, Bill. best, jeff”
Sweet and heart-warming, don’t you think? Definitely a big step forward for both blogging and mankind, oops. I meant the news media.