New kinda spam?

For the past two weeks, I have been getting spam in one of my email accounts that seems to be based off a Yahoo groups name. It’s all from some cute girl looking for a nice guy (the account name is gender neutral). She urges me to go look at her picture on some innocuous-sounding site. Of course, I don’t respond.
Today, I got an email supposedly from the first girl’s friend!! Passing me along as a “neat guy she met on Yahoo.”
A snippet:
“Hi…. I know this is going to sound reallllly silly, but I got your email from a friend that was chatting with you on Yahoo (she is currently back together with her old B-friend) But she couldn’t stop talking about your profile and how kind you were, since I am generally very shy this past week or so has really been outlandish for me…. And I know it sounds kinda stupid, but I can’t ever get up the nerve to hit on a guy. I guess I am just better with words…at least that English major is good for something huh? I, also, seperated with my husband not too long ago…you see, he cheated on me. So, I am already feeling pretty dejected and didn’t want to add to it !! I am sure this is sounding crazy, but I really would love to get together. You can check out my pictures if you like… I joined a pretty fun personals site that lets me get back at my “X” a little bit (Also, done this past weekend.). ”
And so on…What a marketing pitch!