Observer launches blogs, will release code and templates

Reading Cory Doctorow‘s account of Ben Hammersley’s role in setting the Sunday Observer (UK) up with a new blog–and an accompanying complement of podcasts, moblogs, full text RSS feeds, open comments and delicio. us bookmarks–all super cool stuff–reminds me that it only takes one or two people of the *right* people to make a difference.
Here, it’s tech god Ben Hammersley, who’s made all the practical magic happen, and Neil McIntosh, who’s the other blogging guy in the picture–and then–I suspect– Guardian new media guy Simon Waldman, who’s made the Guardian into a digital media showcase, much to the readers’ benefit.
And, most excitingly, it looks like the Guardian is prepared to make all their work on the Observer blogs and related folksomonies etc. truly open source–to release the templates and the code so they can be used elsewhere.
This is a very bold step for a media business and a wise business decision–can’t wait to see what it spawns.
Imagine the impact if the Washington Post, the NY Times, or the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, for example, took some similar steps.
Hey, so here’s a radical notion.: WHY DON’T THEY?