Schlumping on Saturday (& books)

A beautiful sunny day in San Jose.
I took advantage of it by going almost nowhere.
After a week of conferences and clients, today I cleaned the office, the closets, the dressers, etc.–Many bags of trash later, there’s open space.
Later, I went to the library, paid fines, and got new books– The School Among the Ruins, Adrienne Rich’s latest book of poems, Honored Guest, new short stories by Joy Williams, Poet of the Appetites, a biography of MFK Fisher by Joan Reardon, War Against the Animals, a novel by Paul Russell, and Branded Nation by Chase Twichell, whose earlier book on luxury was pretty good. (I am also reading Getting Things Done and The Perfect Store: Inside eBay.)
Tonight we’re going to see The Wedding Date.
And tomorrow…wow, there’s a whole ‘nother day of the weekend left.