Start-ups: Superhacker and Phonegirl

Adam Rifkin’s riffing on start-ups and what makes them work (with heavy props to Guy Kawasaki)
” In a technology startup there are usually just two initial goals: engineering and sales. That is, Make something excellent, and get others to believe (and buy!).
The “Phoneboy” (or, in some cases, “Phonegirl“) part of a founding team is the one who gets others to believe; s/he serves as the intrepid sidekick to the “Superhacker” — the one who gets things built. Sometimes a Two-Founder team divides the tasks: Apple’s Wozniak makes something excellent, and Jobs gets them to believe. Sometimes both individuals do some of each, as is the case (I believe) with Google’s Page and Brin. What’s important is not how the processes of making and selling are divided; what’s important is that the partnership is able to do both well enough — and communicate together well enough — that the flywheel can start turning and the combined endeavor is ready to sell, to build more, and to hire.”
Adam has more..and it’s good stuff if you’re in start-up mode–or just interested in the internet economy.