Talking ’bout my Craigslist: Should NYC apt. brokers pay listings fee?

Craig asks: Should Craigslist charge apartment brokers in NYC? There’s a discussion going on here.
Craig explains:
“The high volumes of postings in these categories encourages frequent re-posting of the same listings, creating a vicious cycle. That can be really annoying to everyone, making these categories much less useful. Many brokers and renters have suggested that a small fee could do wonders in eliminating this problem, saving lots of time and headache for all concerned.

We want to keep the cost of using craigslist low, and our current thinking is $10 or less per posting. Even if an ad has to be reposted a few times – and we’re not sure this will be necessary since a fee should cut overall volume by up to 90% – such rates should keep costs much lower than advertising elsewhere. ”
Susan sez: Craig is doing his usual customer-focused thing in asking the community to weigh in–looks like consensus is in favor of charging, with discussion focused on what the right amount is.
At CL, community may *really* rule.