Web 10+ reports

There was a seminar– Web+10 —-about online media at the Poynter Institute this past week.
Neil MacIntosh has a detailed post, including a pointer to a Steve Yelvington/ Dave Winer mash-up.
Favorite quote from MacIntosh: “Away from blog hype, one thing that stood out was the huge changes facing the US press, online and off. Many titles have enjoyed near monopolies in their circulation areas, and have built rich businesses through classified ads. They’ve employed huge (by UK standards) staffs. But now, into that quite cosy world, eBay and Craigslist have blundered, and business models are, simply, being blown apart. To make things worse, younger readers are abandoning print at a rate that even the UK can’t match – yet.”
P.S. For the record, I think Dave Winer’s post is not crass-it’s right on. (But then, my secret name is media geek.)