Yelvington: Licensing RSS feeds

Steve Yelvington asks about RSS feeds: “Who owns the feeds, and what can be done with them?”
This is a great question, especially as search engines and newsreaders begin to think about seeking advertising for categories–like automotive and financial–that have been high-value customers for media companies–after all, they would profit from repackaging the headlines and digests (or whatever) from other sites.
There are no licensing models in place yet to address this kind of redistribution, though most media folk recognize that the days of the remix are here to stay.
For media companies releasing headlines and digests as a way to build traffic, the focus has been on framing use by individual consumers (and bloggers). I’m expecting that additional models of reuse and repackaging for smaller players–like bloggers with over X level of traffic–will emerge as well–and they will have subscription fees, micropayments, or other types of value/revenue exchange attached.

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