Adriana Huffington & watching the elephants dance

Someone sent me the Business 2.0 article about Adriana Huffington recruiting high-level corporate and celebrity talent to “blog” for her new newsletter, the Huffington report. According to author Greg Lindsay, Huffington and her business partner, PR wizard Ken Lehrer are recruiting buds(and clients?) like Larry David, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tina Brown to, uh, blog.
Lindsay quotes an email that says:
We’ll just provide a megaphone for the thoughts you’re already thinking, the conversations you’re already having, the e-mails and instant messages you’re already exchanging with your friends.

The idea is that the members of our blog will weigh in whenever the spirit moves them: when a news story makes you mad, when you see a movie or read a book that turns you on, or when you have a cause that you don’t think is getting the coverage it deserves. And we’re not just talking about politics — this blog will be about politics and entertainment and money and sports and religion. Anything and everything.”

Uh, sounds great, maybe like the graveyard of the elephants–you know, the place where cultural pundits go to shake their big ivories one last time–or am I confusing the Huffington Report with Radar Magazine?

Update: More on this from Rafat.