Blogging in Korea–Big numbers, different experience?

Phil Wolff discussing Korean blog stats, the impossible numbers of bloggers, the very real broadband and wireless stats, and Bernard Moon‘s analysis of Korea’s (broadband) lessons for the U.S.
Moon says : “If you visit any Korean blogs, you’ll soon discover that they’re all like MySpace on steroids … lots of steroids. One hybrid service to develop out of Korea’s broadband incubator is CyWorld (HatTip to Pip Coburn, who mentioned this site in a prior post). Think of a blog, social network, and Flickr (a social network that lets users manage and share their photos online) rolled into one, and you begin to get an idea of what CyWorld is all about.”
Wolff comments: “Francesco Cara’s How many people publish, read or contribute to blogs? 2.0. A January 2005 roundup of Cyworld traffic growth and Korean blogging in general. “The Cyworld form of blogging has reached 79% adoption among young people in their 20s and 30s (source SK Communication); and 90% adoption among young people in their 20s (source researcher KoreanClick).”
Bonus: Moon also writes: “Korea’s broadband environment allowed a nation of just 48 million to create the first MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game), the first paid online casual gaming services, the first avatar services, and the first mini-hompies. (Susan–what’s a hompie?)
So, what do you know about RSS adaption in S.Korea? How does it compare with the US?
Yes, getting back to that language question…)