Bloghercon: On a roll

Elle’s one of the bloggers who’s been talking about Bloghercon, a women-focused get together that intends to give women’s’ influence a boost in the blogosphere.
Elisa Camhort, Lisa Stone, Sylvia Paull, and a few others are the main originators.
Dave, Doc, Scoble, are some of the A-listers taking notice.
I remember trying to get Dave Winer to agree to do a session at Bloggercon on alternative voices (meaning women and non-white males, GLTG, etc.) and making no headway.
Of course, that led to the wonderful session on personal voice where Julie Leung first spoke.
To me, what’s great about this is the community, grass-roots, groundswell effect.
Everyone who wants to talk about citizen journalism, blogging and identify should be able to do so, in the best ways they see fit, and having a conference or meet up is a wonderful sign of vitality and health.
And these are people who have a lot to contribute.
Ladies, you go!