By popular demand: Craigslist populates outer space

Craig is having some chuckles at the notion of expanding into the ( Marklar) galaxy.
A Feb 28 press release sez:
“Today craigslist, global leader in local classifieds and online community, announced plans to offer its users the opportunity to have their postings transmitted trillions of miles beyond the confines of the Solar System. craigslist currently handles 5 million earthly postings each month, from 8 million humans, in 99 cities and 19 countries on the planetary surface.

“It looks like we may hit 2 billion page views per month in March here on Earth,” noted craigslist customer service rep and founder, Craig Newmark. “We wanted to be the first to offer free job postings, apartment listings, personals and other classifieds to the extraterrestrial community. We believe there could be an infinite market opportunity,” chuckled Craig as he turned back to his computer screen to respond to craigslist customer service emails.”

You know, this kind of thing is why the rest of the country thinks Californians are wierd.