eTech flow

Have been at eTech since the morning, enjoying the flow of tech folks, social media geeks, and a few just plain media geeks in the halls of the big hotel.
Ben Hammersley gave a good talk on RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom that I went to, but it’s been about the hallway a lot–
I got to hang with Caterina Fake, who’s a great conversationalist and fellow book-worm, marvelled at the eTech thing Greg Elin is playing with in the hall, saw Marc Canter,whom I realized, would be great to interview about all these different conferences and their specific flavors, chatted with Gordon Gould of Weblogsinc/BlogSmith and now am banging away on the laptop in the so-called press room, which seeme to be filled with stray programmers.
About to dive in for more.
Hallways, that is.