Hey, I do link to women, cause I am one, part 2

Ellen over at Standard Deviance says:
“There are several efforts right now to promote the voices of female and minority bloggers. First, a great group of women bloggers are pulling together to create Blogghercon, a conference for women bloggers. This sounds like an excellent idea to us but we would rather the name of the conference have nothing to do with a conference which has reportedly been unresponsive to suggestions of diversity sessions in the past. Also, our friends Nichelle Newsletter and CultureKitchen are starting a Brown Blog series for minority bloggers.
..The answer is for the women and the minorities to keep producing great content and to listen and support to each other thus creating their own A-List.”
PS: I am going to join Roxanne in being tired of this discussion, so this is the last post for a while (‘cept for the neat bloggers’ list tomorrow.)