Is Jeff Jarvis the Ben Jonson of our age?

Is Jeff Jarvis the Ben Jonson of our age? After reading Jeff’s latest journalism and blogging post, I ‘m tempted to say yes–I crowd round his coffeehouse broadsheets, for sure.
What’s so cool?
Today, Jarvis runs the changes on the component pieces of journalism and examines what it means to practice journalism (as opposed to, say, being a journalist–think verb). He calls it “the new journalism of acts.”
An excerpt from his long post: “The right question is: Can journalism be improved? Can journalism be expanded? Can journalism be exploded? I believe — no surprise — that a key to the future of journalism is embracing the idea that everyone does journalism. This doesn’t mean that all journalism is equal or good or of interest. We still need to find ways to aggregate, select, edit, present, and distribute information in ways that are efficient, effective, and reliable for each of us.”
We’ve got a lot of great people thinking about journalistic traditions and new ways to create and distribute information–for those of us who love media, this question is never dull (and for everyone else…)