J-Log: RSS and SMS =Feedbeep

J-Log: “What is FeedBeep, you ask? It’s a service (with an obligatory blog) that connects RSS feeds to your SMS-enabled cell phone. That’s right. When breaking news hits the Internet, you can be alerted to the fact on your cellphone. What else could it be used for? How about: learning about new marketing jobs in the Chicago area on craigslist.org, getting notified about social and local events from upcoming.org, etc. Cellphone use hasn’t hit its peak yet in the US. We’re years behind the asians, or so I read.”
XML feeds to your phone–they’ve got lots of gov data, UPS data, and tutorials on how to set up more feeds yrself.
Susan sez: Is this new, or just broken out so it makes sense? Experts, please…
Update: PubSub is involved.