Kozmo.com: Sorta back in NYC

Curbed reports that fledgling home delivery service MaxDelivery.com is actually the spawn (okay, brainchild) of Chris Siragusa -Kozmo’s CTO.
What? You don’t remember Kozmo–the online ordering service for real world food and services?
Well, for a quick trip back before the bubble, hold two images in your mind:
1) A nice Kozmo delivery truck pulling up before a Manhattan high-rise to bring forth a movie and a pint of Haagen-Dasz
2) Those same trucks–a whole shiny new fleet–getting auctioned off when the company went bust.
Product differentation? They say “When you need something, we bring it within an hour, eliminating the inconvenience associated with next day grocery delivery.”
Oh yeah, and if you want to run the warehouse, field calls, or be a delivery or inventory associate–they’re hiring.
Update: Okay, okay, some people aren’t mocking this– Fred Wilson says: “This can be a great business if it’s done right. Most people don’t realize this but Kozmo made money in NYC. It was the 18 other cities that brought the company down.”

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  1. Stephen says:

    Thanks for your post about MaxDelivery. I just noticed it on Technorati.com.
    We’re very excited to launch our 1-hour delivery service in Manahttan. New Yorkers are so busy… they deserve the convenience.
    We also understand that it’s a big challenge in front of us to make this thing work.
    If you haven’t ordered from us, give us a test drive. Use code: MAXBLOGS and get $20 off anything on your first order.
    If you have any comments on the service, feel free to shoot me an email at: scarl AT maxdelivery.com.
    we’re very committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers.
    Stephen @ MaxDelivery

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