(More) New Voices

Today’s new (to me) blogger’s list is in honor of all the women who are starting over.
The grand prize goes to the single parent writer of Prose and Cons, whose post on How to turn your laid-back mellow hippie roomate into a passive-agressive bitch is an instant classic.
Some excerpts:

  • “Use her brand new Cuisinart stainless steel “everything pan” on high heat, permanently discoloring the finish
  • Continue chatting on the phone after 1:00 a.m. when she’s trying to sleep on the other side of the wall
  • Borrow her heating pad then leave it plugged in on HIGH under a pile of clothes until she finds it there a week later
  • Turn your room into a pig sty two days after she cleaned it for you
  • Watch your soap opera in the living room while she’s trying to write when you have a TV in your room”

And more!
Also, reading Does it really matter anyway, Fork in the Road, and the digital media focused Rock-n-Go, by Xiao, a Chinese blogger (and a great read that has nothing to do with this week’s theme, but check him out anyway.)