New, noted and kinda techie

Microsoft mobile: AP reports that they’ve opened a mobile communications research lab in South Korea, the world’s most wireless (and wired) country. Anyone able to help me arrange a visit to the lab when I visit Korea this spring?
Tacoda: Denver Post and parent company Media News Group to use Tacoda audience management/ad targeting software on 74+ sites–Tacoda software is now used on more than 2,700 Web sites that reach over 80 percent of the US Internet audience each month.
Technorati: Tagging takes a step forward as Technorati introduces related tags–tags users associate with the tags they add to data. Works okay for blogging, VOIP, and conference, but not so good for Chez Panisse and Prada. Doh!
Department of Good Ideas: Nick Denton’s writing Gridskipper and has invited readers to compile and send, flickr and wist links and tags. Shmart.

(Thanks, Rex)