Kottke, my business influences: Craig Newmark, Coudal Partners, Ludicorp, Dave Eggers, David Bull and more.
Steve Rubel: Why attention.xml matters–and incidentally, what it is, in those layman’s terms we all need. ” What if you could get an RSS feed that notifies you every time there are blog posts that are read by more than 100,000 people? Attention.xml as I understand it could make that possible.”
Nextaris–a search and share tool–has just formally launched– and it’s mobile, too! (Via JD Lasica )
Read/Write Web
: Share your site data (RSS feed stats from Feedburner, for example), and help create a baseline for RSS usage and tracking. (Geeky, but if you know what this means–then help out, eh?)
Mutually-Inclusive: Six Apart‘s spell check doesn’t recognize the word “blogger.”
Popular Science: Top technopolis cities. (Via Kedrosky)