O’Reilly: The Press Conference

Tim O’Reilly: “Alpha-geeks have migrated farther and farther up into society…We haw a generation that has grown up working with technology and they’re running things. Also, we find it really interesting that we’re starting to blur boundaries of computing and stuff.
“In addition, we see a couple of trends driving media–atomization of content–in small bytes and not particularly well-branded. Also we see that content is becoming more media rich, not just text. At the same time, computer personalities are starting to become media personalities–the lines between print and other media are blurring.”
The press is chewing assidously (box lunches) as O’Reilly and team take questions.
I see folks from Popular Science, Newsweek, NYTimes, Linux Journal, Wired.
A bunch o’ bloggers. Doc Searls, Sean Bonner.
Mary Hodder shooting video.
A whisper from the back of the room: “This press conference reminds me of the time-share pitch for the condo.”