Rafat Ali: Billboard buys some blogging talent

The Billboard/ Paid Content-powered blog on the digital music business went live today, illustrating the axiom that purchasing talent is a great way to jump into the middle of the game.
Billboard’s first blog (though presumably not their last) is a Rafat Ali edited (and mostly written right now) daily news sheet.
Given the numbers of junior bloggers enlisted to break in via Denton and Calcanis, the Ali deal offers a different model–lease some top talent to a company with bucks and a desire for industry presence. AOL did it with John Scalzi, kinda, MediaBistro did it with Spiers, but this is the cleanest deal so far–and one I expected will be replicated in other trade categories.
What does Billboard get from this play?
Audience and relevance.
What does Paid Content get?
Cold, hard cash, one hopes.