Weds special: Ten New Voices

I read them, and you might, too. New voices to note.
Chez Pim: Silicon Valley Cambodian-American aspires to the finer things–and has one sharp palate.
Bakerina and Hammer and Peg: One lives in NY, the other in Seattle. They’re friends, they’re 20-something and they’re wonderous.
Mobile Girl: Anita Wilhem rocks the mobile house.
An Aggregated Life: Tammy Green is into RSS, being a good person, and media. What’s not to love?
Brazilian Muse: Alizinha knows the night life and all things Brazilian in NY. I’d love to go clubbing with her.
Snarkmarket: When he’s not reporting for the Fresno Bee, updating EPIC, or going to conferences, Matt Thompson blogs here.
Graham Holliday, Noodlepie: Food and media, from an expat in Saigon.
Dan Washburn, Shanghai Diaries: A roadtripper and expat living in Shanghai, with pix.
The Lost Nomad: American expat, living in Korea.
Simon World, East Meets Westerner: An American expat living in Hong Kong.
Glutterbug: Yan blogs everything–art, media, life–from Hong Kong.
Okay, okay, there is a theme here, I know–it’s my trip to Asia this spring.
Bonus: Hypergene list here.
Update: And Rex Hammock list here..umm, new blood.