Whose News, continued

First of all, my connectivity stinks and I keep dropping posts.
Okay, enough whining.
So everyone is talking about what to keep in journalism and what to lose–a lively discussion that feels not very fresh and very self-congratulatory, to be honest. Everyone is jumping in with relish to share their tidbits, but the tidbits are all over the map.
Maybe the point of this is a group bonding exercise…truth is,I dislike these group brainstorming sessions cause all the alphas talk and the quiet folks stand down–
Why doesn’t someone see what the media really needs to regain is their independence?
Product placement, infotainment, political agendas–blogs and big media alot are plagued with thinly disguised agendas and plugs–and no one is stupid enough to fall for them, not for more than 2 seconds, that is.

Okay, rant over.
Some good points being made in the room, including the need for US media to readjust their idea of what’s local and how to work with press–and citizenry–aboard.