Whose News: Reading the coverage

Sat am and reading through what the larger circle has to say, posting some comments, ideas, feedback:
Dr.Weinberger has a good precis of day 2, a productive working session:
Jeff Jarvis summarizes each of the three groups’ presentation with a word: Trust, transparency and conversation. [Yup. And how does this compare with the news media’s current values of, approximately, trust, authority and accuracy?]”
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Danny Schechter,
News Dissecter.
Kent Bye,
Echo Chamber Project “I was a bit frustrated with hearing the same perspectives on blogging and journalism, and I made an effort to make getting some of my perspectives heard in this closed conference.”
Shelia Lennon, Projo.
Bob Stepno.
And of course MORPH, the Media Center blog,covering the sessions in detail.
Will post more on the last day later this weekend.

Eric Rice letting it rip.