Yahoo: RSS goes mobile

I’m a mobile newbie and have been reading as much as possible to get more up to speed. So when I heard that Yahoo had just launched a feature on Yahoo! Mobile for users to get their RSS feeds from MyY! on their mobile phone (all wap 2.0 devices), I paid attention.
Yahoo RSS guy Scott Gatz explains how it works: “You just go to on your phone (or access Yahoo from your provider’s menu) and then click on “News” and then “My Headlines”. The biggest thing we did was to make it automatically use all your My Y! settings (this joins our other things on mobile like My Stocks, My Sports, My Weather, etc).”
As we all have been told, Yahoo’s goal is to extend their services beyond the desktop, and RSS is part of that mix. Hey–Would love to get reactions/comments from folks using rthe service–please trackback or link and I will aggregate the conversation.
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