Google News and the redistribution of licensed content

A quick analysis of a day’s worth of Google News data to see what news entities were most frequently quoted and where their data originated demonstrated that the sources Google often lists as their point of origin frequently redistribute stories created elsewhere, often by Reuters or the AP , and licensed to the news entity.
For example, a review of stories picked up on Google News from their top ten sources for April 24, 2005, showed that 14 of the 50 top stories citied by Google News were listed as originating at ABC News, New York Times, Xinhua, Guardian , Bloomberg , Los Angeles Times , Washington Post , BBC News, or Kansas City Star, were actually from an AP or Reuters source.
In other words, roughly 20% of the top stories credited by Google News on April 24, 2005 were created by a source other than that attributed on the link.
What if 20% of someone else’s blog was ALL headlines and digests from your site?
Adds new insights to concerns voiced by larger news sites, doesn’t it, about redistribution of their content without clearly executed agreements?
(If you want more data on my research methodology, send me a note.)