Lucas Gonze: comments on 18-34 talk

Lucas Gonze has sent along some comments on my earlier post
Hey Susan,
My thoughts on the questions:
* As print editors, what is the best way to bring this into our newspaper?
The most important thing for them is to realize that the old gatekeepers,
like RollingStone for musicians, are not as good an indicator as they
were. If print editors want to cover the stars the millenial generation
is interested in, they need to use barometers like BoingBoing and
* Do we need to have a writer who focuses on digital media and can
find the best bloggers etc to point to?
It’s more important to become literate in internet culture. They have to
stop saying embarassingly clueless things. One litmus test issue is
unauthorized distribution, where the print media is painfully out of tune
with consensus on the internet.
And thanks for including Webjay in the talk — very cool.