Mobile: Lucy Hood, SVP, Fox News

Mobile Media talk, Lucy Hood, SVP, Fox on mobile initiatives and programs: “The ability to deliver 1:1 personalized content when and where you want it is the promise of mobile media.”
Buzzwords to watch:
Mobisode–video soap opera series for phones–
24 Conspiracy–downloadable 1 minute episodes.
The series runs in parallel to TV show 24.
Also, The Simple Life Mobile–Paris & Nicole intern, unsuccessfully…right on your phone–the #1 selling mobiside in America. (!)
Update: Hood says mobile is a revenue stream for Fox, but the primary focus is still as a marketing platform.
More: Hood says Fox is looking at local mobile strategies for their stations…She says “This is valuable data that needs to be supported with strong marketing programs. She says carriers are interested and this is a way to extend your reach to your readers–and deliver info to that 18-34 segment that’s on the phone and buying content and services.”