Newspapers and the new world order

Jarvis has some solid data and links about declining newspaper attention and revenue and a nice plug for The Media Center’s latest Synapse on the future of news.
Also, a follow-up post titled Tipping Point or Melting Point?
Meanwhile Rob Runett reports “During last week’s NAA Annual Convention, McKinsey Co. consultants hired by NAA told publishers they could lose billions of classified advertising
dollars to Internet competitors unless they fight back. ”
“An AP profile of San Francisco-based craigslist and other competitors added
to the uneasy feeling. The San Francisco Chronicle covered the event with
comments from NAA, industry watchers, and yes, craigslist. CEO Jim
Buckmaster challenged newspapers strategies. “”Newspapers are cutting their
investment in reporting. They’re running more Associated Press wire stories
and increasing the percentage of the product they devote to advertising,” he
told the Chronicle.”
Susan sez: When the Craigslist guys are quoted as citizen journalism experts, you know it’s past the tipping point.

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  1. Paula McKenzie says:

    There’s a fascinating slection of news stories and reports on the collapsing dollar, the declining U.S. economy, the rise of China, and the New World Order at, most of which never seem to get general media coverage.
    It does rather make one wonder about the degree to which new is ‘managed’ on behalf of North American readers….

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