NY Thoughts

Back from the road and digesting the talks, confabs and meetings.
What’s to share? Some impressions:

  • Blogging has moved way beyond an exotic phenom for many marketers and corp comm folk. At The Page Society conference, CEOs and SVPs of big agencies said that their clients wanted to have blogs related to products, brands, and launches, and that they themselves wanted to figure out how to blog about their businesses, internally and externally. The questions now are about timing and execution.
  • (Some) bloggers are starting to feel their power. At the Reuters discussion on blogging and journalism, NYC blogerati were out in force and the PR folks were hanging on every word. Watching one 6-foot tall in high-heeled boots downtown blogger sass a couple of the Reuters honchos (who listened delightedly) was a trip.
  • It ain’t just blogging. People understand there’s an attention shift toward distributed and DIY media–the big question is now can they play in that space in a way that enhances their core business?
  • The boom is back. 85 jobs on the BayChi list and headhunters are calling–this means companies are rushing to align themselves to where the money is–and where the audience is going.