RIP, Andrea Dworkin

I just learned that feminist Andrea Dworkin has died, at the age of 59.
I read–and knew– Dworkin when I was fresh out of college, say 20, and what Susie Bright has written about her rings true for me from back then–
“Here’s the irony… every single woman who pioneered the sexual revolution, every erotic-feminist-bad-girl-and-proud-of-it-stiletto-shitkicker, was once a fan of Andrea Dworkin. Until 1984, we all were. She was the one who got us looking at porn with a critical eye, she made you feel like you could just stomp into the adult bookstore and seize everything for inspection and a bonfire.”
Dworkin went off in a direction where I did not follow, but, geeze, she rocked.
Wired obit from April 11, 2005 here.
A memorial of sorts.