BBC to public: Dude, take our feeds, please

Dr. Weinberger notices that the BBC has relaxed its rules about re-publication of its RSS-driven content, allowing other sites the ability to display “headlines, active links or other source identifiers and other information or materials that you specifically select to receive from the BBC via the BBC Feed.”
Some twiddly bites of note in the Terms and Conditions, aka Standard License:

  • You must create a functional link back to the BBC News story(ies) summarized by the BBC Content .
  • You may not directly or indirectly change, edit, add to or produce summaries of the BBC Content or any content on the BBC website nor place any full-story BBC content in an HTML frame-set.
  • The Site shall contain no material which is libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or which brings the BBC into disrepute, or which is in breach of any third party intellectual property rights
  • Any BBC RSS feed or BBC content on your site must incorporate an attribution (credit) to the BBC

In other words, the BCC has created a standard, open licensing model for the public to use–an extension to their more traditional licenses that protects their property but permits wider distribution of their data.
Pretty cool.
And a great thing for bloggers and community journalists, no doubt.