Biz Stone speaks: Does this mean Google actually cares?

As a long-suffering Blogger user, I read today’s InfoWorld story on Google’s consideration of new efforts they might make with Blogger with something resembling shock..
I mean, just because Blogger guy Biz Stone speaks, does that mean the big Google guys actually listen?
After all, it seems that if Blogger were a kid in the Google family, it would be the one eating off the plate locked away in the basement while everyone else feasted upstairs.
The reporter quotes Biz describing at least 3 or 4 feature enhancements that they are considering, but the reality is that resources have gone toward the very bottom line goal of stabalizing the current system.
“We really spent a lot of time working on that and overall performance for 95 percent of users is really great, “Stone said. “We’re continuing to work to make that last few just as good.”
And those contemplated features? Yeah, please, guys, tell the big G to implement’em.