Contrarian view: RSS is disintermedating the web

Umair’s got a fulsome post on how RSS doesn’t take advantage of web apps–and soon it wll be fullof ads.
While I’ve drunk the Kool-aid deep, he’s got some good points–viz:
“RSS is disintermediating the www – no kidding – of course it is. The question is, why do consumers find this useful? …After all, RSS erases the utility consumers might derive from html, javascript, etc. I know a lot of you will disagree with me, but I think the reason is that RSS basically very efficiently destroys crappy and ever-nastier web tracking and ads.”
And how about those licensing issues when any news aggregator can insert ads in their own bundles’ feed assortments, but the publishers don’t profit?
Yep, things are going to get interesting, as always.