Daily Candy expanding to London

According to a recent Guardian story , Bob Pittman-owned fashion/lifestyle newsletter Daily Candy’s just hired Kinvara Balfour, an aristocratic former Daily Telegraph Saturday magazine style editor, to launch a London edition.
While the Guardian author seems to think style and shopping email epistles are the next lucrative frontier, it’s not clear what kind of bucks these businesses are bringing in–on the other hand, it’s relatively inexpensive to jump in, even if the market is crowded (viz slny, flavorpill, dazed and confused, and urban junkies, all ny or london focused.)
Susan sez (kinda a side note): Besides, it’s also not clear why anyone would prefer these babies to highly focused and super-creative resources such as Manolos Shoe Blog, The Bag Lady, Cool Hunting, Tree Hugger and many other great product blogs.

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  1. Sarah says:

    You should also check out Purseuing. It’s by far the best purse/handbag blog on the web.

  2. Designer Ella says:

    Hey, Pursed Lips (the “great” blog), had moved a long time ago, and we’re now having Google issues. So if you want to update the link in this post, I’d be so grateful. Thank you!

  3. Liz says:

    Hi there
    I realise this post is a year old but I didn’t know Pittman hired a Telegraph editir – sort of helps make me understand why Daily Candy has not taken off in the same sense. Hmmm.
    Anyway, as an ex New Yorker living in London I have tried to do my best to come up with something better.
    City Slicker

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