Eating Epoisse (de Bourgogne)

I found a new favorite cheese this month. .Epoisse (de Bourgogne).
Had some on a cheese plate at a restaurant, then bought a small wheel yesterday and brought it to a (French) friend’s house to have with some wonderful wine.
Did I mention it smells?
But that it tastes great?

Update: Jeff served the most wonderful wine.

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  1. Nick says:

    We discovered Epoisse during a bike trip through Burgundy a couple years back and it was definitely billed by all our waiters as the stinkiest of all local cheeses (I think the US imported version is a little milder, even). The cheese is washed with Marc de Bourgogne, which is kind of like a grappa made with the leftover grape mush after wine is made, and this gives it a really nice winey character. Your post brought back great memories. Thanks!

  2. Jeff Clavier says:

    Yes it did smell, and yes it tasted great. Here is the tasting note on the wine we had :-P.

  3. Tom Philipp says:

    You will like the other cheeses of Burgundy
    ie Aisy Cendre and l’Ami de Chambertin
    The best wines with the Burgundy cheses are the red wines from Burgundy: Pommard 1er Cru , for example, or Nuits Saint Georges

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